Community Relations

What is Community Relations?

Community relations is the ‘on-ground’ relationship building that will ensure that your project or initiative meets its required outcomes

Avoid project cost and time delays due to community objections

To some community members any infrastructure project is invasive and they will try to stop it. At Taking Action we bridge the emotional and social gap between the community and the project owner to help achieve successful outcomes that meet civic, budget and deadline expectations

By building relationships with those that see them as affected by the project we can promote the project owner and their contractors in a positive way to allow the project to progress with minimal objections, delays and added expense.

We take time to plan, inform, listen, engage and report back on recommendations that will smooth the way forward

Our role as Community Relations Liaison is to attend the site, distribute information and engage with the local community or interested individuals about the benefits your project will have on the area. On your behalf, we will address any concerns they have and help their understanding of the project and determine what negotiations or compromises will assist in removing obstacles. Our approach is always founded on the win-win principles.

Our clients always turn to us when they need assistance with improving their reputation or in crisis management situations. We help them build relationships with key media and influencers and communities to position them to leave positive legacies.

Taking Action has provided successful community relations services to a number of government and non government organizations working on Community infrastructure projects. Additionally, we deliver community engagement activities across a variety of sectors including government, financial services, industry associations, tertiary institutions and corporate services.

Our clients include:

  • AbiGroup
  • AGL
  • Forestry Tasmania
  • Hobart City Council
  • Monash City Council
  • RMS
  • Santos
  • Sydney Water
  • Tamworth Regional Council
  • Townsville City Council

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