We offer a very wide range of facilitation services, either doing the facilitation or building capacity in others to facilitate. In a way, a good facilitator is like a good chef; a person with a full kit of tools and techniques, and most importantly – the talent to know when to use them.

Our facilitation services incorporate a variety of approaches to empower clients and individuals to more effectively involve and include people in dialogue and information sharing.

Our expertise includes facilitating emotionally charged meetings; community and stakeholder workshops; strategic and business planning sessions; project meetings; conflict and disputes resolution.

Clients have found that with our facilitation support and coaching they were able to think more effectively, and produce sustainable outcomes with a greater level of participation and commitment.

We use a range of techniques to help guide people through complex problems that include asking questions, risk assessment, lateral thinking, strategise thinking to be able to logically develop an action plan and achieve group ownership.

Meeting Facilitation

Effective meetings provide a means of communicating, connecting, and aligning with others to achieve an outcome. The one thing that all meetings have in common is that they will only be a success if they are properly planned and well organised.

We offer a range of in-house programs from ‘Making Meetings Work’ ,‘Dealing with Emotionally charged situations’ to ‘Superior facilitation skills’ programs.

Our programs address as a minimum:

• the key elements of effective meetings
• managing people, time and issues in a meeting
• tools and techniques to separate people’s interests and positions
• keeping a meeting on track and on time
• handling difficult behaviours during meetings
• listening skills
• moving from talk to action
• gaining commitment

Team Development Facilitation

Group dynamics are essential to the success of the team. Dynamic teamwork does not happen by itself. It needs focus and attention.

Team building needs a professional facilitator who understands team processes and can introduce relevant activities and skills training. A fun activity or event is also a powerful learning experience.

Building high performing teams requires a comprehensive approach. Depending on where the team is, this could include learning how teams are formed, psychometric profiling of team members, communication skills, analysis of team processes, and group work on vision, mission and values.

Outcomes should include well formed teams with shared goals and values, congruent with those of both individual members and the organisation, and individuals with new transferable skills.

Our customised team development programs include:

• self awareness activities and use of appropriate psychometric instruments
• alignment of vision, values and goals
• team activities to build cooperation
• authentic communication
• team operating principles
• getting teams to perform

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