Performance Management & Coaching

There is no doubt that performance management has great potential for achieving organisational outcomes, particularly where individual performance goals and objectives are integrated with the business strategy of the organisation. This raises the key question of whether the goals and objectives of the organisation and those of the individual can be in unison. If people are not managed effectively there is potential for conflict. The concept of doing nothing and hoping performance problems will go away are not acceptable.

We have worked with many organisations in developing and fine tuning performance management systems. Systems and processes are really important but performance management issues do not always happen because of systems or processes – they happen because people are not performing and managers have difficulty in knowing how to manage the performance of their staff.

Soft skills are required in managing performance improvement because many of the interactions you have when managing performance are with people. The ability to manage these interactions effectively will affect their performance and your own performance as a manager.

The core communication skills of questioning, listening and feedback are the platform on which performance management is based. The critical skills that apply to this platform and are present in the workplace are: coaching, delegating, dealing with conflict, negotiation and managing diversity.

The ability of a coach to develp the skills and knowledge of others is a basic requirement of managers to help employees improve performance.

Taking Action has developed a number of strategies and programs to help mangers coach others.

  • Coaching to Improve performance
  • Coaching for performance and change

In addition we offere individual developmental sessions for managers to help fine tune existing skills.

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