Stakeholder Engagement Coaching and Mentoring

The goal for coaching and mentoring is to pass on knowledge, provide support and give practical advice. Taking Action draw from a 25 year history of engagement and offers community and stakeholder engagement coaching and mentoring services to both individuals and organisations. Coaching and Mentoring is a unique driver for high performance and creates the momentum for individual achievement.

Coaching is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways of developing your staff and team. It has been shown to improve productivity in the team by reducing anxiety and stress related to multiple responsibilities.

Our structured approach helps us guide practitioners and organisations to help build their stakeholder engagement skills and knowledge to ensure that they implement community and stakeholder engagement best practices, and identify potential areas of conflict before the public becomes enraged. Sometimes practitioners just want someone to bounce ideas off.

We can also review and comment on existing plans, strategies and programs.

In addition, we can share specific methodologies, approaches and techniques for dealing with conflict to help your organisation access collective wisdom to make your community and stakeholder engagement processes and outcomes sustainable.

Contact us for more information on our coaching experience and to discuss the community coaching and mentoring work we could do for you.